Engaging adolescents for nutrition, health and sustainable development

Cambodia, Kenya, Uganda, Guatemala

Cambodia, Kenya, Uganda, Guatemala

As identified in Sustainable Development Goal 2, Zero Hunger, addressing the nutritional needs of adolescent girls is one of the key steps towards achieving the objective of ending malnutrition by 2030.  This flagship project with WFP used participatory methods to engage adolescents in Cambodia, Guatemala, Kenya and Uganda.  The research contributed to the global evidence base on adolescent nutrition and provided key recommendations designed to improve nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive interventions for adolescents, and to highlight opportunities for adolescent engagement regarding nutrition.


Anthrologica WFP synthesis report
Anthrologica WFP Uganda summary report
Anthrologica WFP Kenya summary report
Anthrologica WFP Guatemala summary report SPANISH
Anthrologica WFP Guatemala summary report ENGLISH
Anthrologica WFP Cambodia summary report

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