About Anthrologica

Anthrologica is a leading research-based specialist in applied anthropology in global health. 

In development, emergency and humanitarian settings, we conduct formative and operational research across health sectors, focusing on the interface between the provision and uptake of health services.

Our specific expertise lies in incorporating the needs and perceptions of intended beneficiaries into health policy and programming to ensure that it is contextually relevant and that opportunities for improving health are maximised through the active participation of recipients.  We work within the healthcare structures of the countries in which we operate in collaboration with local partners.

Anthrologica has global reach.  Our core team is based across four continents and we have built an extensive international network of collaborating social scientists and anthropologists.

In addition to focused consultancies, Anthrologica has established partnerships for longer-term engagement.  This enables sustained collaboration, allowing us to contribute to our partner agencies’ research, development and evaluation capacity, and to provide external technical support.  Anthrologica publishes open-source reports and in peer-reviewed journals.  The team presents regularly at international conferences.


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