Overcoming barriers to vaccine acceptance in the community: Case studies from a COVID-19 Peer Learning Hub


The COVID-19 Scholar Peer Hub is a digital network hosted by The Geneva Learning Foundation (TGLF).  In April 2020, during the COVID-19 outbreak, the network convened members working in the area of immunisation at sub-national and national levels whose activities had been affected by the pandemic.  Through the Peer Hub platform, TGLF supported network members to generate and share ideas and practices for supporting immunisation work across health system levels, organisational boundaries and country borders. TGLF implemented a peer review exercise based on network members’ experiences of overcoming barriers to vaccine acceptance.  734 Peer Hub participants developed, peer reviewed, and revised case studies describing and analysing a situation in which they had helped an individual or group overcome initial hesitancy or fear of vaccination, leading to vaccine acceptance.  Anthrologica conducted a comprehensive analysis of the qualitative case study narratives, underpinned by the quantitative analysis of demographic information about the network members who produced the case studies.

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