Department Operations Administrator

  • Flexible
  • Various
  • Desk‐based (either remotely or in our Oxfordshire office)


Anthrologica is a research‐based organisation specialising in applied anthropology in global health. Anthrologica was established to develop appropriate and sustainable processes for improving health and healthcare especially in resource scarce settings. Our specific expertise lies in incorporating the needs and perceptions of intended beneficiaries into healthcare policy and programming to ensure that it is contextually relevant and that opportunities for improving health are maximised. Anthrologica works cross sector within the healthcare structures of the countries in which we operate, often in collaboration with local partners. For further information and for a summary of recent projects, please

Overview of the role

Anthrologica interns assist the Director and support other Anthrologica team members. They participate in various activities (as research assistants, reviewing literature, preparing briefings and presentations, writing proposals etc) and will have the opportunity to develop their working knowledge of health in developing contexts, including the potential for fieldwork on Anthrologica research projects and evaluations.


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