Gefra Fulane

will shortly defend her PhD thesis in Health Sciences at the Nova University of Lisbon. Her research focuses on applying social science to understand local and global health concerns, and on translating evidence to inform public health policy and practice.  Originally from Mozambique, Gefra is now based in Portugal.  She first worked with Anthrologica in 2016 on our birth registration project in Angola, and is currently leading our work with the UNICEF Regional Office for Eastern and Southern Africa in support of the Collective Service focusing on risk communication and community engagement and the analysis of COVID-19 related data across the region.  Prior to joining Anthrologica, Gefra had worked at the National School of Public Health in Portugal, was the scientific and research director at UNITE (the Global Parliamentarians Network to End Infectious Diseases) and had been a researcher at the Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research at the WHO.‚Äč


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