Barbara Muzzulini

holds a PhD in Psychology from the University of Turin, Italy. Prior to joining Anthrologica, she worked as post-doctoral researcher at the Centre for the Study of Social Cohesion at the University of Oxford.  In her research, Barbara has integrated perspectives from cognitive psychology and cultural anthropology to understand how memories of shared emotional experiences ground people’s identities and social interactions.  She has conducted field research in Kenya and Indonesia and longitudinal studies in the UK to address the psychology underlying extreme behaviours, intergroup conflict, and religious polarisation.  More recently, she contributed to a longitudinal, multi-country project aimed at understanding the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak on mental health and group cohesion.  Barbara leads Anthrologica’s collaboration with the Partnership for Evidence Based response (PERC), bringing her expertise in social science and mixed (qualitative and quantitative) methods to tackle the impact of physical distancing and social measures related to COVID-19 across the African continent. ‚Äč


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